Removal and disposal

LLC “Rodem-K” carries out the removal of MSW (municipal solid waste). Collection, transportation, treatment, disposal, disposal, disposal of solid municipal waste in the territory of the Russian Federation subject are provided by one or several regional operators in accordance with the regional program in the field of waste management and territorial waste management scheme. (as amended by Federal Law of December 29, 2015 N 404-ФЗ, of December 31, 2017 N 503-ФЗ). Our company has an agreement with the Regional Operator and all licenses for this activity. For disposal, we use specialized equipment according to the specifics of the declared waste for removal and disposal. Removal of domestic waste and replacement of containers around the clock, including weekends and holidays. Rodem-K is a completely legal company, with a full package of environmental documentation and relevant permits.

At a convenient time for the customer according to a pre-agreed schedule and place of installation of the drive, the container is exported by specialized vehicles equipped with additional equipment. Instead, an empty container is installed for further use, thereby ensuring uninterrupted collection of waste.