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Waste is one of the major contemporary environmental issues. There were new materials, decomposition or processing, which naturally nature is no longer under force. One of the factors is the modern volume of waste produced. Today, waste and garbage can be considered as raw materials. They can be recycled and reused.

Our company is engaged in the export, recycling and disposal of waste. We use the latest equipment and the latest technology for fast and high-quality work. RODEM-K LLC has the necessary permissions and licenses. Our specialists annually undergo certification and training.

We work under the Contract both on a long-term basis and with one-time applications on mutually beneficial conditions. With companies and individuals. We export waste and recyclable materials from all districts of Moscow and the region.

Our advantages

10 years in the industry
Agreement with the Regional Operator
Full package of environmental documentation
Work without days off and holidays 24/7
Adjustment of the schedule under the schedule of the customer
Extended customer capabilities

In one contract it is possible to provide for the provision of negotiable packaging, consumables and the performance of the service of the contract itself.

Free provision of containers
Our employees are responsible for the cleanliness of the workplace.
Contract prices

We always make concessions under mutually beneficial conditions. Individual approach to every customer.

Our mission

The mission of the company “RODEM-K” is to ensure the most rational use of waste products for further processing in order to save natural resources. The main task is not to stop at what has been accomplished and continue to explore new directions in order to reach the world level.

RODEM-K LLC is a successful participant in the environmental services market: garbage collection, hazardous waste disposal. Thanks to professional management, the company is constantly growing, expanding the geography of providing high-quality services. Experience and knowledge allow to solve the most complex tasks of the organization of the workflow.


First you need to decide on what type of garbage you want to get rid of, specify the approximate volume. We recommend contacting us by phone +7 (495) 240-56-68 to clarify the data.

If there are free cars, we will immediately send you a driver. In general cases, the deadline for the delivery of the machine is from 2 to 24 hours.